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How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160?

How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160?

How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160?

How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160? Perhaps there are some of you and a buddy who asked such a thing? The printer has a brand Canon MP sometimes indeed many types of problems that occur, and how do I fix this?

Previously never wrote about signs Error Code List Canon MP145 MP150 MP160. Well, here's a more complete discussion of the Error Code MP145 and also how to resolve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 and MP160 can be done:cara-mengatasi-error-code-canon-mp145

How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160?
Image Canon mp145

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E2 (No Paper)

Sometimes when we want to use the printer when the paper is already prepared to the printer but the printer will not pulling the paper, instead appearing in the E2 warning indicator yach why? Though the paper towing baik2 not wrote some broken.
This is likely due to foreign objects that enter into the towing section of the paper.
Try checking some more open cashing printers and scanners, can only be viewed as a whole drawer paper.

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E3-3 (Paper Jam)

At the time of paper jam:
- Try enter at least 3 sheets of paper
- Then press the resume to resume printing
- The printer will pull some paper
- if until the third paper E2 appears, immediately turn the printer off (unplug the power cord and USB cable)
- Wait 5-10 minutes
- Turn back (printer of this type usually takes restart let me not recall the errors that previously occurred)
- If this trick not work either, try unloading and check whether there is trouble or not.

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E4 (No Ink)

- Press the reset button for 10 seconds while printer proces

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E5-5
(The ink cartridges are not installed or non-supported ink cartridge is instaled or the ink cartridges are not installed properly)

Ink cartridge there who have problems or also even his home cartridge that trouble.
- Try disconnecting cartridge
- Then turn the printer off (unplug the power cord and USB cable) for + - 10 minutes
- Turn the printer back
- Then reattach his cartridge
- Try to do repetitive
- If not work either, meaning the need to replace the cartridge her

# Printer Canon MP145 / MP160 Error E8
(Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full)

- Squeeze and hold the Stop / Reset (not released before the command)
- press and hold the On / Off button (not to be removed before any command)
- Release the Stop / Reset
- Click on the Stop button 2x / Reset
- Release the On / Off (wait until the printer standby toward service mode)
- Click on the Stop button 4x / Reset
- Click on 1x On / Off button
- Turn off the printer and finish

Turn on the printer again and the printer will return to normal as before, and then try to test print will appear message E16 (if a cartridge two new ways, the message will not appear E16) means cartridge reset request.
Here's how:
- Squeeze and hold the Stop / Reset for doing 2x +/- 30 seconds.
Resetter error code E8 above can also be applied to the canon MP160

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E14
(Ink cartridges Whose destination are wrong)

- Try Remove the second cartridge then turn off the printer
- Then turn on again then reinstall its cartridges
- If still E14 error, try changing that different cartridge types. If his first change with 40/41 830/831 and vice check (can borrow have a friend).
- If not display an error message again, turn off the printer for 5 minutes.
- Turn again and open the printer cover
- Turn off the printer (unplug the power cord) wait for 10 minutes
- After the restart, and reconnect your old cartridge. succeed.
If using the old cartridge is still an error, while not a new cartridge error, it means you cartridge damaged
- If not it could be (still error E14), meaning "Home Head Place the cartridge of his" broken or surge.
So it should be brought to a handyman service printer, can not be fixed with The resetter because hardware that trouble.

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E15 (Ink Low)

- Press the reset button for 5 seconds. If not possible, Possible Cartridge color printer or black ink do not read because the pin Cartridge some dirty or damaged
- Try Clean pin its cartridges
- If still error means that its cartridges trouble
- Try new-replace cartridge or try to borrow have a friend first
- If the cartridge can have a friend, Try turning off the printer and replace your cartridge.

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E16

- The solution press the reset button for 5 minutes

--- >>

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E22 (Carriage Error (5100))

- Carriage unit (main unit)
- Timing slit strip films
- Logic board
- Carriage motors (main unit)
This error is an error on the hardware, so it does not work on reset, ... try to disassemble your printer, then check whether there are foreign bodies that impede his path home Cartridge ... Cause E22 Cartridge usually because the home can not move on track, .. maybe the infusion hose loose so make home Cartridge stuck, .. let loose infusion, then test print, .. if E22 does not appear there on the hose means the problem infusion, infusion hoses .. improver in order not to involve the other printer parts, ...

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E23 (Paper Feed Error)

E 23 Paper Feed Error (6000) - Timing sensor
- Timing movie slit disk (main unit)
- Feed roller (main unit)
- Logic board
- Paper feed motors (main unit)
This error can not be reset, .. try to check the hardware part of the paper drawer, open the printer chasing, continue disconnect the scanner on the printer. Now there will be visible hardware towing the paper, check if there are broken or there is a loose loose fixed in that section or even no intruding foreign bodies in there. If indeed not dare (not experts) to open the printer fear is broken please do not do, moment worse damage because it was forced open.

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E24 (Purge Unit Error)

E 2 4 Purge cam sensor error (5C00) - Carriage unit (main unit)
- Timing slit strip films
- Logic board
- Carriage motors (main unit)
Purge unit error Cartridge try to check the parking lot, in the lower right corner of the printer there is a section for cleaning the print head, .. possibility that section hampered foreign object that is not running as usual, .. clean the parts and then do a test print ..

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E26 (Internal Temperature Rise Error)

Internal temperature rise error ... This error occurs in the printer motherboard due to not being able to withstand the heat, .. hati2 put the printer, let your printer is stored in a place that is too hot..solution try to replace Motherboard ...

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E28
(Ink cartridge Error Temperature Rise (5200) - Print Head)

if many Cartridge currently vacant or leftover ink is low (low ink), it will make the print head on fire, .Or because Cartridge often in pairs or too loose or it could be because in the store in which the heat. then the error appears, try the solution .. in rechargeable cartridge, wait bbrp hours and then run the printer back, .. if unsuccessful forced to change Cartridge. ,

# Canon MP145 Printer Error E42 (Scanner Error)

Scanner error (5010) - Scanner unit
- Logic board, this error can not be reset,
It is caused by imperfect Scanner Work. Try unloading scanner section and check the data cable (similar ribbon width and length) damaged parts of scaner slow lorises check that no wires loose / torn. (Most likely) If yes correct the data cable. If not check the other parts of the power socket sacnner sometimes less Pas / slack. cara-mengatasi-error-code-canon-mp145. 

How to Solve Error Code of Canon MP145 MP150 MP160?


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